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Whitepaper: 7 Ways To Get More From Your PPC Campaigns

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PPC campaigns are often the source of wasted marketing dollars that drip, drip, drip into the abyss, never to be reclaimed. Okay that's a little dramatic, but leaky bucket PPC campaigns are all too prevalent. You can't just set and forget your PPC campaign, regardless of whether you're working with the omnipotent AdWords or experimenting with social PPC.

Marketing budgets are precious things and should be handled with extreme care. We certainly don't want you leaking any marketing dollars from your PPC campaigns, which is one of the reasons we created our latest whitepaper: 7 Awesomely Advanced Ways To Get More From Your PPC Campaigns. The whitepaper is as much about mastering the basics of PPC as it is how paid search advertising can integrate and enhance many other aspects of your digital marketing strategy. For example, PPC and SEO actually work in beautiful harmony when implemented correctly, which is something a large section of the Internet would have you believe otherwise.

We understand that PPC can be daunting, difficult and just plain overwhelming. There's a steep learning curve, regardless of whether you're learning to do it yourself or even just trying to understand how it can help your business. But just because it's complex doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a shot; the fact that some businesses avoid it is even more of a reason to try it out. Wouldn't you do anything to get an edge on your competitors?

Whitepaper: 7 Awesomely Advanced Ways To Get More From Your PPC Campaigns

Whitepaper: 7 Awesomely Advanced Ways To Get More From Your PPC Campaigns - Image 3
Right, of course you would! So now that we've got you convinced that the most important thing you do today is read up on PPC, get full access to our whitepaper right now! You'll get a general overview of PPC and the its current state and place on the digital marketing landscape as well as 7 actionable ways you cam ramp up your PPC game starting right now. If you still need a nudge in the right direction, here's a quick look at what you'll get out of our 7 Awesomely Advanced Ways To Get More From Your PPC Campaigns whitepaper.

What's Inside

We'll Catch You Up To Speed: since there's such a big gap between poor PPC campaigns and ones that have the principle components down cold, mastering the basics of paid search advertising is actually the first step to becoming an expert. After reading our whitepaper, you'll have a firm grasp on everything from the importance of ad copy and landing pages all the way down to split testing. You've gotta walk before you run but don't worry, we'll help you lace up those Nikes.

We'll Push You to the Next Level: once you've mastered the 'easy' stuff, we'll press on and help you navigate the steep learning curve. Again, even if you aren't going to be running campaigns yourself, it pays to understand the ins and outs of how PPC can boost your bottom line. Things like reaching new audiences and markets anywhere and everywhere they go - and with or without their permission - will push your PPC campaigns to the next level.

Okay, I want to start reading the whitepaper!

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