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Whitepaper: 5-Steps to Mastering the Art of Social Selling

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Let's face facts: nobody wants to talk to a salesperson on the phone. Many people are ditching landlines due to the unbearable number of cold calls they receive, and it's becoming harder and harder to engage customers on the phone. In today's Information Age, customers have the ability to gather facts and read reviews about a product or service before they even contact a company representative. Customers don't want or need to be pushed or badgered into buying a product over the phone.

WSI World Blog - Whitepaper: 5-Steps to Mastering the Art of Social Selling Image 1

We know what you're asking yourself: "If I can't sell on the phone, how do I sell?" Well, you're not alone. Many companies are still stuck in the stereotypical days of old where salespeople are chained to a desk and told to meet a quota no matter what. So there they sit, phones to their ears, making call after ineffective call. This is exactly why WSI's April resources are focused on social selling - so you can break free from the phone and start digitally engaging with your customers. In addition to our 5-Steps to Mastering the Art of Social Selling whitepaper, you can also tune into our social selling webinar to learn how to completely eliminate cold calling!

It's always tough to face change, especially if you're set in your daily routine. But ask yourself a few of these questions and, if you answer honestly, we think you'll see the opportunity that list in social selling.

Are your sales numbers flatlining or worse, decreasing? Have you attempted to diversify your sales channels at all over the last five years? Are you losing customers to your competitors? Do you use any updates technology or digital mediums for any of your sales processes?

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Now there's only one question that remains: are you going to embrace social selling? if the answer is yes, what are you waiting for? Get full access to our social selling whitepaper right now and start your studying! We'll walk you through each section of our social selling process so you can get an idea of what you're missing. If you head over to our blog, we also showed you what our very own social selling strategy looks like! In case you're not quite on board yet, here's a rundown of our 5-Steps to Mastering the Art of Social Selling whitepaper.

What's Inside

Why Social Selling Makes Sense: for many companies, the idea of sales and marketing teams working together is extremely foreign. Despite the fact that sales and marketing departments should work together to accomplish one common goal, the two teams are often misaligned. If this is your company, social selling could become the glue that holds these teams together because it truly highlights how and why they need to be on the same side.

The 5 Steps of the Strategy: I know I know, this is in the title! But we don't want to give it all away here. But seriously, we give you all five steps of a great social selling strategy and help you understand why each step is so important. And on top of all that, we tell you how to accomplish each step and put you well on your way to building your own social selling framework.

Okay, I want to start reading the whitepaper!

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