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[Podcast] Publishing Content in a Digital World With Tammara Kennelly

| 4 Minutes to Read
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 Welcome to the fifth instalment of WSI's Digital Insider Podcast Series! We've got a bit of a surprise for you this month as we'll be climbing outside our comfort zone in discussing the benefits of publishing traditional content in a digital world.

Many companies still underestimate the role content plays in shaping the digital perception of their brand. As consumers get smarter, they are doing more research before buying a product or service. And by research, I mean reading blogs, articles and reviews - all of which you should be writing (or trying to influence, in the case of reviews). If you're not wielding content - in all it forms - as a powerful branding tool then you're missing an opportunity.

To help us with this episode, we invited our friend Tammara Kennelly to join us. Tammara is the President of B.C. based FriesenPress, an award-winning North American publishing company. Her expertise in the publishing realm coupled with her understanding of digital marketing give Tammara a unique perspective on today's topic.
So sit back with that glass of Malbec and enjoy our chat with Tammara. Oh and if you like the session, be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Vimeo and YouTube!

What an awesome talk that was! Thanks to Tammara Kennelly for being such a fantastic guest. We loved Tammara's ability to discuss both traditional and digital publishing seamlessly. Here are some of the questions I asked Tammara and a brief summary of her answers:

Whether it's in the form of a book, a blog post or a whitepaper, what role do you think content plays in building brand loyalty?

Like us, Tammara really believes in the power of content marketing. Even though she publishes a different form of content, in this day and age every piece of content a brand publishes - online or offline - is part of its content marketing strategy. Speaking of strategy, that's where Tammara believes everybody should start when it comes to content.

According to Tammara, it's actually pretty simple. Once you've gone through the process of defining your audience with personas and mapping out a strategy, you can just follow the four Cs: consistently create compelling content. From there, the role of content is to foster an image of knowledge and dependability when it comes to providing your audience with the information they need to solve their problems and make quality purchases.

In what ways does publishing a physical book lend authority and credibility to a brand?

This was one of my favorite questions for Tammara because her answer was not only concise, but very insightful and important for people who don't fully understand how publishing a physical book can change the way a brand (or an individual) is perceived.

Tammara believes that when you publish a book, you're doing more than just putting words on a page. You're putting yourself yourself - your ideas -  out into the world in a way most people never do. That fact alone positions you as intelligent, dedicated and ambitious. When you put the whole thing together, publishing a physical book boosts trust in your brand and promotes the kind of customer satisfaction and loyalty that creates repeat business.

Once a book has been published, what else needs to be done to amplify its reach and maximize its effectiveness as a branding tool?

Tammara's answer to this question is where we saw the most overlap between the worlds of digital marketing and traditional publishing. She actually advocates authors to start amplifying a book's potential release before it's even published. Digital channels like social media and email are a great way to tap into your digital audience to crowdsource tasks like editing and proofreading, or even to get creative help with chapter and book titles. And of course, once the book is published, you should be working the fact that you're a published author into your conversations with potential clients, and leaving a copy of the book behind after sales meetings.

And that's all we've got for this summary of the fifth episode of WSI's digital marketing podcast! On behalf of WSI, I'd like to once again thank Tammara for joining us this month -  we hope you learned as much as we did! If you have any feedback, let us (or Tammara) know on Twitter or Facebook, and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast below!

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[Podcast] Publishing Content in a Digital World With Tammara Kennelly[Podcast] Publishing Content in a Digital World With Tammara Kennelly[Podcast] Publishing Content in a Digital World With Tammara Kennelly

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