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4 Content Marketing Examples to Inspire Good Content

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Wooden blogs with letters, spelling out BLOG.
Summary: Get a rundown of 4 content marketing examples to inspire you and your business.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in April 2019 and was updated with additional information in September 2023.

As the name suggests, content marketing works by using a piece of content to attract and retain an audience. The entire purpose is to provide value and benefits that build relationships with the target audience and eventually spur them on toward action.

Wooden blogs with letters, spelling out BLOG.

Content marketing is a less obvious, more subtle approach to building brand awareness. It’s not about direct promotion—it’s about providing something of value through content. This value may come through knowledge and information, or it might be through the use of humor and entertainment. In any case, the audience should feel that they have gained something beneficial (even if it’s just a chuckle) from the interaction with your brand.

As content benefits the user, it builds trust and establishes authority so that the brand eventually becomes part of the conversation. Of course, the goal is ultimately to bring the audience along on the buyer’s journey in order to convert them. This type of marketing is not meant for a quick sale. Content marketing is playing the long game to build up a business that has deep roots and a firm foundation.

Depending on the goals and needs of your particular organization, various types of content marketing strategies are available to choose from. When beginning a marketing strategy, choosing to focus on just one or two is wise. Then, once you’ve become effective in an area, you may decide to expand your horizons a bit—as long as you can remain consistent.

Of course, the marketing tactics each company uses are based on their personality as a brand as well as who they are trying to reach. Here, we’ll highlight some best practices to consider, as well as some of our favorite content marketing examples that we think are stellar:

Blog Content Marketing Example: HubSpot

One of the best content marketing examples of authority within the blogging realm is the HubSpot blog. In fact, since they coined the term ‘Inbound Marketing’, we can certainly trust that they have built themselves up as an authority and resource. Much of this has to do with the way that they use their blog to provide valuable knowledge for businesses.

One of the most critical aspects of HubSpot’s blog marketing/content marketing approach is the fact that their resources are easily accessible and available through their content hub. More than just reading recent posts, HubSpot’s archives can be searched by topic, and readers can find almost anything that’s ever been written. This means that HubSpot’s articles are evergreen (able to withstand the test of time), regularly updated, and placed within an organized system.

Social Media Content Marketing Example: Glossier

For obvious reasons, beauty and fashion brands depend heavily on visual content marketing to get their point across. That “picture is worth a thousand words” quote might be old, but it’s still true. With more than a million Instagram followers, Glossier is taking its social media marketing game to new heights not only by using pictures but by getting others to share the love.

Interaction with followers on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms allows Glossier to build hype and create trust with its target audience. For instance, Glossier re-posted this shout-out from a fan and received more than 95 thousand “likes” for it. That’s not too shabby for a post that someone else originated.

Of course, an effective Instagram campaign also includes tons of well-timed, eye-catching photos that educate and remind target audiences of the benefits of the brand. Creating great content that is on trend and shareable is what social media marketing is all about.

Video Content Marketing Example: Old Spice

Arguably some of the most memorable video content marketing examples to date, Old Spice has a thing or two to teach us about getting the attention of the target audience. And it’s no small thing that this 80-year-old brand has seen a renewed life in the past few years.

Starting with “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”, the brand’s video marketing campaigns have earned millions upon millions of views and become a YouTube sensation. Through their catchy, nonsensical humor, the brand has found a way to get the attention of their audience in the first few seconds of their videos. Viewers are attracted by the clever humor, but they also get a good dose of unforgettable branding along with it. But what viewers really love is the fact that it’s about so much more than the brand.


One content strategy that Old Spice uses well in their video marketing is the Call-to-Action (CTA) they place at the end of each silly video. This encourages sharing with friends and family through YouTube or other social media outlets. Because who doesn’t want to share a good laugh?

eBook and Resource Content Marketing: LinkedIn

If your brand has valuable expertise, then sharing it should be part of your content marketing campaign. Through eBooks, guides, and other resources, you can provide valuable information that your target audience may be clambering for. It might not be quite as trendy as makeup and hair tips on Instagram, but people really do want/need to learn things about insurance or financial markets, especially when you’re in a Business-to-Business (B2B) market.

LinkedIn is a go-to source for all kinds of B2B information, which means that pretty much everyone who functions within the business world wants an eBook that they publish. Recently, readers were provided with 30 pages of guidance on how to produce successful content marketing in their LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan eBook.

In offering this valuable information, the purpose is that casual readers will begin to trust the brand, understand what they have to offer, and engage on a deeper level. Of course, the book wouldn’t be complete without Chapter 16, which is essentially a CTA that directs readers on how to go further with LinkedIn. Genius? Yes, very much so.

Final Thoughts on Utilizing Content Marketing for Your Digital Marketing Goals

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, it's imperative for brands to use content marketing as a cornerstone of their digital marketing efforts. By employing creative content and creating content that aligns with your branded content strategy, you can effectively engage with your audience. These content examples showcase the best ways to craft impactful content, whether it's through blog posts, social media posts, or other marketing content. This approach allows you to provide valuable resources to your target audiences, helping them along the buyer's journey and ultimately turning them into loyal customers. So, remember to use content marketing as a powerful tool to achieve your digital marketing goals and elevate your marketing efforts with content marketing examples.

Want to get started? Make sure to reach out to our WSI Digital Marketing team for support and for more content marketing examples!

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