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WSI Consultants are experts in digital marketing. And they've been sharing this knowledge with business owners with our Ahead of the Curve webinar series, as well as our ongoing Webinars and Industry Panel Discussions. Scroll down to access all of our recordings and make sure to bookmark this page to get all our latest content.

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Webinar RecordingDigital Ads

7 Data-Driven Ways to Reach Your Ideal Customers Using Digital Advertising

WSI Consultant from Switzerland, Gabor Markus, presents this session on how to use cold, hard data (not guessing!) to find your business' target audience. Over 45-minutes, Gabor teaches you how to determine which advertising channels are most suited for the target audience you are trying to reach. He also helps you identify the info you already have about your prospects and how you can use that to become more relevant and deliver the right message at the right time.

Resource Library-Ecommerce
Webinar RecordingEcommerce

Expert Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Website Experience

John Leech, a WSI Consultant from the United Kingdom, is featured in this Ecommerce deep-dive. Join our 45-minutes session to learn why and how website design and speed can impact your online sales and conversions. Educate yourself on the anatomy of a great product page, how you can streamline your check-out experience, and digital marketing tips to help minimize one of the biggest challenges Ecommerce sites face today—cart abandonment.

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Industry Panel DiscussionManufacturing

Digital Marketing Best Practices in Manufacturing

This Industry Panel Discussion, featuring Neal Lappe, Marty Greif, and Steven Condit from the WSI Network, focuses on the traditional manufacturing vertical. Our speakers dive into and examine some common challenges that manufacturing businesses and clients are facing today, how manufacturing business owners can use their website to convert visitors to sales, and how digital marketing can ultimately help increase their profitability.

Resource Library-Social Media
Webinar RecordingSocial Media

Common Social Media Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

Raakkel Sims, Head of Customer Success and Strategic Partnerships at PromoRepublic, shares her social media know-how over the 45-minutes presentation. Learn how today’s economic landscape has changed the way consumers use social media in their buying journey, how to properly develop a social media editorial calendar with the right content mix, and why having a solid social media strategy is more important than ever before.

Resource Library-PPC
Webinar RecordingPPC

PPC Optimization Tips from Google

As a Google Premier Partner, we’ve lined up Angelina Miller, an Agency Development Manager at Google Canada, to be our guest speaker and share key insights around Google Ads. Learn the latest paid search trends and how they could impact your campaigns over the next few months, how you can create plans for your advertising spend, and how changes to campaigns can impact key metrics and overall ROI using Google’s Performance Planner.

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Industry Panel DiscussionHome Building & Improvement

Digital Marketing Best Practices in Home Building & Improvement

This Industry Panel Discussion, featuring Jason Gervais, Denise Bowen, and Usman Amjad from the WSI Network, focuses on the Home Building & Home Improvement vertical. Our speakers focus on digital marketing best practices for the industry, with must-know tips that home builders and home improvement professionals could use to get more quality leads and improve their conversion rates.

Resource Library-Landing Page
Webinar RecordingLanding Pages

How to Get More Leads from Your Landing Pages

Marty Greif, President of Site Tuners, shares his years of conversion optimization expertise over this fun and educational 45-minute session. This webinar offers a deep dive into landing page best practices, with professional marketing insights and resources that you can use to build high converting landing pages that are long-term conversion tools for your business.

Resource Library-LinkedIn
Webinar RecordingLinkedIn

Succeeding in the New Normal with LinkedIn

WSI Consultant from the USA, Gunnar Hood, presents this session on how to power up your LinkedIn profile into an All-Star profile. Over 45-minutes, Gunnar shares best practices and professional marketing insights to strengthen your network and your brand on LinkedIn. Gunnar teaches the must-know tools and resources that businesses should be using to grow their visibility, generate more sales-ready leads, and create more meaningful business relationships on LinkedIn.

Resource Library-Digital Transformation
Webinar RecordingDigital Transformation

5 Ways to Digitally Transform Your Business in 2021

WSI Consultant from the USA, Kelly Biggs, shares best practices and professional marketing insights on how companies can digitally transform their business while focusing on the customers' journey through purchasing their products and service. Over 45-minutes, Kelly walks through an end-to-end digital transformation process that focuses on enhancing the customer experience while improving overall sales and marketing processes. She also highlights how a Digital Gap Analysis can help businesses discover where their marketing and customer processes are falling short online.

Resource Library-Email Marketing
Webinar RecordingEmail Marketing

How to Make Email Marketing Work for Your Business

Cynthia Mordecai, a WSI Digital Consultant from WSI, shares her expertise on email marketing, providing easy and useful tools, tips, and tactics on how to make email marketing campaigns go further and stand out amidst a cluttered inbox. Learn from Cynthia on why you need to start with a clean email list, how you can create the right content for your audience, how you can improve deliverability and open rates, why you need to test everything, the benefits in automating drip campaigns, and why every single email needs to be tracked and measured.

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