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5 Reasons Why Website Accessibility is Good for Your Business AND Your Customers

Website accessibility recognizes that everyone interacts with websites differently. Therefore, businesses need to be inclusive and ensure people with disabilities can engage with your digital content, tools, resources, products, and services. A digitally accessible website can be how your business truly takes flight!

In this webinar replay, we dive into five reasons website accessibility is suitable for your business AND your customers. 


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Webinar Presentation

Download the presentation and learn why website accessibility is necessary, which elements impact accessibility, and the benefits of being accessible for your business.


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Our blog recap dives into web accessibility and shares the different categories of disabilities like auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, and more!

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Accessibility Checklist

Download our 90-day website accessibility checklist and learn actionable insights to help protect your company from any usability complaints.


Blog Post

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