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The World Is Smitten With Smartphones ‘N Tablets

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Screenshot of The World is Smitten with Smartphones and Tablets infographic.

There's no doubt that the world is in love with smartphones and tablets. More of you are probably reading this on a smartphone or tablet than on a laptop or desktop (at least according to the stats). Despite the remarkably quick rise of mobile - seemingly overnight - it isn't hard to understand. We live in a world where we need the Internet at our fingertips, and smartphones and tablets are now capable of delivering a consistent (and more efficient) digital experience than cumbersome laptops and desktops. It's funny to think about, but this generation's children are going to look at computer towers the same way we now regard tube TVs and rabbit ears (with a tinge of disbelief that they were ever top-of-the-line products).

So, without further delay, let's walk you through WSI's latest infographic to find out just how smitten the world is with smartphones and tablets:

WSI World Blog - The World Is Smitten With Smartphones ‘N Tablets Image 1

These days, the majority of people have a smartphone or tablet within a few feet of them at all times. This doesn't just mean they use mobile devices a lot (they do), it also suggests that these devices have become part of our person. Like an arm or a leg. Seriously, how weird did you feel the last time you forgot your phone before leaving the house? Probably weird enough that you went back to get it. It just doesn't feel right without that mobile buddy by your side. These statements are anecdotal, but if this is really how people regard their phones, don't you think it wise to include smartphones and tablets in your future marketing strategies? Because we certainly do.

WSI World Blog - The World Is Smitten With Smartphones ‘N Tablets Image 2

This number might be outdated by the time we publish this post, that's how fast smartphones are spreading. As of 2013, 1 in every 7 people in the world used a smartphone. This amounts to almost 1.5 billion smartphones, but the number climbs higher by the day. As more people become smartphone users, the time the average person spends on their mobile device is also on the rise. All of this means one thing: if your audience is spending a lot of time using their mobile devices, that's where you should be sending and optimizing your messages.

  WSI World Blog - The World Is Smitten With Smartphones ‘N Tablets Image 3

Remember how we used to say that if your business didn't have a digital presence then customers might walk by your physical store without realizing it was there? Now, since 25% of clicks and searches (again, a number probably on the rise) originate from a mobile device, we'd like to amend that statement. If you aren't considering mobile as a marketing channel, you're at high risk of falling behind your competitors. If this isn't enough evidence, consider how much the population of mobile-only users is growing...everywhere. No matter where you conduct business, you can't assume people will use the device that you want them to to view your digital messages. An increasing number of consumers will only ever use a mobile device. What are you doing to ensure your digital presence is consistent across all devices?

WSI World Blog - The World Is Smitten With Smartphones ‘N Tablets Image 4

According to a study conducted by Google, 57% of users wouldn't even think of recommending a company that has a poor mobile site. The thing about mobile users - and Internet users in general - is that they're not very patient or forgiving. You've got one chance to make a good impression; if you blow it, you've likely lost a customer forever (and maybe even his/her friends and family).

Another telltale sign of mobile's growing importance within the scope of digital marketing is the amount of dollars it contributes to national economies. In 2012, mobile marketing contributed $139 billion to US economy. By 2015, that number is set to Rise to $400 billion. You do the math.

The above portion of our infographic is so telling because although it clearly shows that mobile devices are used pretty much everywhere, they are most used at home. Offhand, you'd think that the home would be the place mobile is used the least (because of the presence of a home desktop). More than any other stat, that we use mobile phones in our homes is a true sign of mobile's place in our future. Will you embrace this future by working mobile into your marketing plan? We hope so.

Here's all that mobile marketing goodness in complete form, as well as the embed code for you to use (copy the code):

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