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RECAP: Common Social Media Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

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Screenshot of webinar, Common Social Media Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid.
Summary: Social media is a powerful marketing tool nowadays. Avoid these common mistakes to leverage that power for your bottom line.

As part of our series of digital marketing webinars, we had the pleasure of hosting Raakkel Simms, Head of Customer Success Department and Strategic Partnerships at PromoRepublic – a social media marketing company that helps brands connect with their local and effectively manage their social media content strategies at scale. The webinar, Common Social Media Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid, is available to watch here.

Today’s consumers use social media throughout the buying journey

The onslaught of COVID-19 brought with it a necessary move to selling via the internet. After this rapid customer behavior change, but despite the easing of lockdown restrictions, online sales grew 7.4% in July compared to March.

Google tops the start of a search, but social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are increasingly being used by at least 50% of consumers to search for local businesses and 78% of local mobile searches result in an in-store purchase.

Social media mistakes businesses commonly make and how to avoid them

1. Your business page is unsearchable

This is an easy mistake to fix because all the tools and fields are laid out for you on the social site. With social media being the second most-searched term on Google, it is important to share key information about your business on your business pages so that consumers can navigate to you autonomously. Include information like:

  • Contact details,
  • Address and embedded map,
  • Images, delivery options,
  • “Order now” button.

2. Posting irrelevant content

Currently, the first thing you need to do is put your customers’ minds at ease by sharing your COVID-19 safety measures.

Beyond that, make sure that your posts are relevant, engaging, and well designed. Balance text, white space, and unique images. Branded graphics are especially important when sharing links. Use interactive content such as polls and videos to encourage engagement.

While quality content is critical, quantity also matters. Aim to post at least once a day to boost your spot in the algorithms. Include things like:

  • Catchy slogan,
  • Well-structured text,
  • Emojis,
  • Clear CTA,
  • Right custom visuals,
  • Interactive format,
  • Mobile first design.

3. Not connecting with followers

Responding to both compliments and complaints with grace shows the public what your company’s values are. Answering queries promptly highlights your responsiveness. All this is great for your image – and especially good for online reputation management.

Plan and develop a social media editorial calendar with the right content mix

The magical formula for a balanced social media mix is:

  • 40% engaging content, questions, polls, quotes
  • 30% promotional content, special offers and discounts
  • 20% educational content, advice, tips, hacks
  • 10% curated content, from other industry experts

WSI can help!

With the assistance of your local WSI consultant, you can boost your social media marketing for noticeable results. For more information on improving your social media experience and other digital marketing strategies, contact WSI today.

Watch the full webinar here:

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