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5 Ways to Convince Your Boss You Don’t Suck at Marketing

| 2 Minutes to Read
Man pointing to himself with both hands, with the words I Don't Suck on his chest.

You’re only as good a marketer as your boss thinks you are. I’m kidding…that’s not true, or at least not completely true.

What is true, is that perception is the reality. The reality is, you’ve been handed an opportunity to make a difference. A difference in your companies’ successes, and a difference in your personal success. A successful marketer has their pulse on the marketplace and their target audience. They’re also able to create the right buyer personas for their company, devise a long-term lead nurturing strategy, and provide a few alternative marketing options that can work very well.

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Here are some steps you can take to impress your boss:

1. Know Your Market

Your marketing efforts will yield desired results only if you are familiar with your target audience's likes and dislikes. Using the Buyer Persona development technique to generate fictitious representations of your ideal customers will help you tailor more effective marketing strategies.

2. Do the Math

Come up with projections that justify the marketing investment you want from your organization. Present a budget estimate highlighting different scenarios and forecasts.

3. Think Strategically

Suggest a long-term integrated strategy based on your knowledge of the market and your target audience. Take a strategic approach to nurturing leads and present them to your boss.

4. Data Beats Opinions

Tracking will tell you which of your marketing efforts are bringing results. Numbers are more valuable than opinions, so you will want to focus on that. From there on, it is easy to focus on what works and eliminate what does not.

5. In-house v. Outsource

Weigh the cost of having an employee vs. outsourcing your marketing requirements to a professional agency. Choose the option that yields better results so you can save your boss more money.

Want to look like a marketing genius in front of your boss? Read “5 Ways to Convince Your Boss You Don’t Suck at Marketing”.

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