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    François Xavier-Magnin

    François-Xavier Magnin

    François-Xavier Magnin is a digital marketing architect, with his ground-up approach, he provides a digital marketing foundation, framework, and develops solutions based on your business’s needs.

    Internet Consultant at WSI since 2009, François-Xavier specializes in the implementation of digital solutions for B2B companies. He speaks about how to digitally transform businesses and provides real-life sales and marketing strategies to his audience. Beyond the integration of technologies, he educates his audience on the importance of business organization change management. He leverages his 15 years’ experience in the IT industry, particularly with his past roles in key account management, channel marketing and sales management, to deliver valuable content and take-away material for his audiences to use in their businesses. He is also bilingual, and makes presentations in both French and English.

    In addition to providing digital solutions, François-Xavier is a Social Selling Specialist. He speaks about the necessary business shift to social media and Linkedin that all organizations need to make. He has run numerous conferences on Social Selling topics and delivered workshops for professionals, from the middle market space, to fortune 500 companies.

    François-Xavier is a co-author of the French Edition of the WSI “Digital Minds” book, revealing the 12 ways companies can leverage digital to grow their business.

    Regularly invited to speak at associations and corporate internal events, François-Xavier helps sales professional and executives discover how the digitalization of the business world can be a great opportunity if handled correctly. He has been one of the keynote speakers at WSI Digital Summit in Miami.

    Connect with François-Xavier if you are looking for a captivating speaker that can educate your sales, marketing or C-level management audience on how to effectively market in the digital marketing area.

    Request François Xavier-Magnin to speak at a conference.