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WSI Wins WMA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development

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Gabor Markus
Summary: For Groupe Chevalley, the new website designed by Gabor Markus from WSI is a true winner, winning Outstanding Achievement in Web Development at the 2019 WMAs.

Winning Website Designed for Groupe Chevalley, Geneva-based Car Dealership

If there is an industry that comes close to the internet marketing industry in terms of the speed at which technology changes, it’s probably automotive. Car manufacturers are constantly innovating and upgrading their models. Consequently, buyers are highly enthusiastic and diligent about doing their research. Of course, the biggest chunk of research happens online. It’s only to be expected that car dealerships must stay on top of their game to stand out and beat the competition online. That is exactly what Groupe Chevalley, a leading car dealership in Geneva aimed for, and they turned to Gabor Markus, their local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant.

groupe chevalley logo

Gabor and his WSI team designed a new website for Groupe Chevalley that not only exceeded the client’s expectations but also went on to win the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development at the 2019 WMA WebAwards.

The WMA WebAwards is an international competition organized every year by the Web Marketing Association. Winners define the latest standards and benchmarks in web design and development for others to follow and further improve upon. A dominant player in the competition since 2007, WSI has an excellent track record and performs exceedingly well each year. 2019 has seen the organization win its 100th award in this competition.

Groupe Chevalley’s Wishlist for their New Web Development Project

As an established car dealership, Groupe Chevalley sells high-end car brands. Not surprisingly, they were seeking a web development partner of the highest caliber and settled on WSI to serve their needs:

  • The main mission of the dealership is to sell new cars for 14 different brands across the market, including Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, and the luxurious Bugatti.
  • The client wanted to ease access for its clients to book test drives and service appointments.
  • Chevalley also wanted to provide the latest innovations and promotions in a transparent and clear manner.
  • They wanted to increase their positioning in organic search to attract more visitors to their website.

In talking with Gabor and his team, the client decided to choose the full suite of WSI digital marketing services including:

  • High converting paid search and social campaigns
  • Writing optimized content for their website and social channels
  • Fully automated inbound campaigns
  • Building an excellent website to bring higher conversion rates

Web Designers at WSI Geneva Racing to the Finish Line

The biggest challenge with this project was a seamless integration of a third-party API where all the new and used cars are listed. The WSI team was able to meet the challenge, among others, and the results were outstanding. Within the first year after launching the new website, the dealership saw a 24.6% increase in organic traffic for their target market. The company also saw a 43% increase in conversions.

More than satisfied with their new website, Groupe Chevalley’s spokesperson, Olivier Evain spoke highly of Gabor and his team, “The WSI team has been particularly responsive and efficient in the design and implementation of our new website. When we hired them for this project, we had two main issues. On the one hand, our old site had become unstable and we needed to refresh our site within a particularly short period of time; as little as two months, to be precise. On the other hand, our old site had been designed mainly for aesthetic reasons and fell short in terms of functionality. The new site required a complete redesign focusing on simplicity, convenience, and the overall user experience, in order to generate more sales of products and services. We didn’t need another virtual showcase; we needed a website that would bring more customers and conversions. Rethinking the design and implementing it within such a tight timeframe was a real challenge, which Gabor and his team from WSI met very successfully.

Gabor Markus is thrilled that his WSI team won this prestigious award. He says, “Working on the website development project for Groupe Chevalley was an exciting but also a very challenging task. We had very little time and a big ask from the client. The car dealership industry has some very high-quality websites and we had to do better than what is already out there. Working closely with our suppliers and associates in the WSI global network, we were able to deliver what the client wanted, on time, within their budget. Winning an award for this achievement is gratifying but more than that, it gives us the confidence that we truly are leaders in the industry. Without a doubt, we are ready and eager to take on bigger, even more, challenging projects for clients across Switzerland and the rest of the world.

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