About the Client

Founded in California over a 100 years ago, Sunsweet is the world’s largest and most famous brand of dried tree fruits including prunes, apricots, mangos, and more. The company sells a range of 150 products to 45 countries globally.

Client’s Requirement & the WSI Advantage

When Sunsweet approached WSI to develop a complete digital marketing strategy for their all their markets in the European market, their objective was to present a brand message that was consistent with their offline marketing activities. The company was impressed with WSI’s international reach and felt that this advantage would give them key access to a wide global network that this project required.

WSI’s Solution

WSI presented multiple options to roll out a digital marketing plan for the client. These solutions included a sophisticated forecasting model built on some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This made it easier for the team to predict campaign results, thereby making it easier to report back on performance Vis a Vis their financial investment.

One of the key projects that the WSI team worked on for Sunsweet was a new pan-European website. It was a complex project that had to be developed keeping in mind the different requirements of a multicultural market.

WSI also worked with the client to develop a social media and blogging plan, executed online competitions and used a remarketing strategy to reach its target audience across multiple cultures and languages in Europe.


As a result of WSI’s efforts, Sunsweet has seen substantial growth in customer conversion rates. The results across Europe reflected 136 million impressions, 1.9 million video views, and 1.5 million web visits. The client also reported 176 K consumer conversions and a conversion rate of 11.56%!

In addition to these, the website got much positive feedback and a Food Industry Standard of Excellence Award from the Web Marketing Association.

The client is very happy. In her testimonial, Ann Slein, Sales & Marketing Director, Sunsweet Europe goes on record to call WSI “a very valuable strategic partner.” She gives high praise to the WSI team by calling them an extension of the company’s marketing department. Based on her experience, the client says that she has no hesitation in recommending WSI to any business that has a digital marketing requirement.

Watch the video below for the full story of how WSI made a difference to Sunsweet in Europe.

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