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WSI Announces New AI-Focused Suppliers to Enhance its Network of Resources

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WSI, a global leader in digital marketing services, is excited to announce the addition of five new AI-focused suppliers to its comprehensive network of vendors and partners. The new partnerships with Text, EZee Assist, Tidio, Constant Contact, and the Marketing AI Institute underscore WSI's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to offer innovative solutions to its clients.

Valerie Brown-Dufour, President of WSI, expressed her enthusiasm for the new collaborations, stating, "The addition of these forward-thinking AI suppliers marks a significant milestone in our mission to unlock a world of possibilities for our clients by delivering exceptional digital marketing services. Their cutting-edge solutions will enable our consultants to drive more value and better results for our clients worldwide. We are thrilled to welcome these suppliers to our network."

WSI's dedication to innovation and excellence in digital marketing is further emphasized by the inclusion of these AI-powered tools and platforms. These companies were carefully selected for their proven track records in enhancing customer engagement, streamlining operations, and boosting marketing efforts through the use of AI.

Robert Mitchell, WSI's Chief AI Officer, commented on the strategic importance of the new additions, "Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the digital marketing landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for personalization, efficiency, and growth. By integrating the capabilities of our new AI-focused suppliers, we are setting a new standard for what's possible in digital marketing. Our network's enhanced AI capabilities will empower our clients to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving digital world."

WSI's latest move signals its ongoing commitment to adopting innovative AI technologies that enhance its digital marketing services, as well as its continuing collaboration with cutting-edge products and brands. The integration of AI-focused vendors into its network is expected to provide WSI Consultants and their clients with advanced tools to achieve greater success in their digital marketing endeavors.

For more information about WSI and its digital marketing services, please visit our website. You can also read more in our Press Release here

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