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Make Your 'Brain' Smarter With Data & Insights

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Stock prices. Sports statistics. Movie box office numbers and review aggregates. Television viewership. Health studies.

These days, it seems like there is data on absolutely everything. But isn't that the way it should be? In terms of marketing campaigns, you'd think that data is just as prevalent but amazingly, it's not. There are still far too many businesses running marketing campaigns without measuring any data, which in turn means they can't possibly know whether their campaigns are working.

If you're a business owner who isn't taking advantage of the mountains of available data, don't worry. The good news is it's never to late to start measuring and analytics are always going to pay dividends. At the very least, you'll gain an understanding of your true marketing return on investment (ROI) if you engage with web analytics. If this sounds like your current situation, our FREE web analytics webinar is a must-attend event.

Whether you're seeking to immediately get up to speed with web analytics and how they can impact your overall digital strategy or tune in for the latest trends, our web analytics webinar is a great opportunity! Here's what our Web Analytics - How to Make Your 'Brain' Smarter With Data & Insights webinar will cover:

  • How to use Avinash Kaushik’s Digital Marketing Measurement Model (DMMM)
  • How to develop your brand’s own DMMM
  • Essential steps for tracking online data, analyzing results and improving your campaigns

Here are the details:
DATE: Tuesday, December 10, 2013
TIME: 11:00AM - 12:00PM (EST)
REGISTER: Click here to reserve your spot now

Don't miss this opportunity to join top WSI Consultant Dominique De Coster for his FREE webinar! Dominique is a leading expert within the digital marketing industry and has years of practical web analytics experience. To get the inside scoop on Dominique's tips and tricks, sign up for the Web Analytics - How to Make Your 'Brain' Smarter With Data & Insights webinar now!

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