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Video Marketing

Video Marketing – How to Make a Video With a Small Budget

| 7 Minutes to Read
Screenshot of video featuring a Furby and a cell phone.

Video is a popular medium among users but often an underrated opportunity for businesses. A video is five times more memorable than words. According to statistics video consumption has seen a significant growth. Globally internet video to TV doubled in 2011 and will triple by 2016 (Cisco). People love watching videos!

Video Marketing – What’s That?

Video marketing can be divided into two sections: marketing with video and marketing a video.

Marketing with video: the video is part of a marketing campaign, used in newsletters, campaign pages and social media. The main purpose of the video is to explain product features. This type of video is targeted to warm contacts, i.e. for those who are already familiar with your brand and have subscribed for your newsletter, signed up for a webinar and joined your social media community.

Marketing a video: used for branding and product launch. The video is created to distribute virally. Usually the content is more entertaining and includes less technical aspects. The video is distributed in different video-central channels (YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr) and in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest).


YouTube is the third world’s most visited site worldwide after Google and Facebook (Alexa). It’s also the second largest search engine. This means that besides Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, people search stuff also from YouTube. As a marketer you should see this as an opportunity where you can create your YouTube channel and offer users what they are looking for. YouTube statistics are impressive:

  • 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • Over 6 billion videos are viewed in a month
  • Every month over 6 billion unique visitors use YouTube
  • 70% of traffic comes outside USA
  • Over 25% of visits comes from mobile devices

What Type of Video to Produce?

Now when the video potential is clear, the next step is to choose what type of video to create. Don’t hesitate if you haven’t created any videos before. It doesn’t mean you need acting skills worth an Oscar or a Hollywood script. All you need is a clear purpose, an idea and production tools to create an effective video.

If you have a small budget you can create a video with your own resources. You need a video camera, correct lightning and a microphone. Use a creative co-worker for writing the script and work out the video conception. You can choose between four types of videos that are easy to create on your own:

  • Product video
  • How-to
  • Thought leadership video
  • News story

Businesses with bigger budgets can afford to outsource more ambitious video creation. These types of videos have better quality and artistic value since they are produced by a professional team:

  • Entertaining/creative video
  • Link bait

If you have no marketing budget at all, it doesn’t mean you have to discount video marketing. You can create a video even without special equipment. You can use free resources like:

  • Hangouts on
  • Air Vine/Instagram video

1. Product Video

The purpose of a product video is to introduce the features of product/service. Product videos explain product peculiarity and give an extra boost for visitors to buy the product. It’s important to add the video directly to your homepage not via YouTube. Posting videos on your product pages is more effective than posting them on YouTube. It’s more complicated to direct visitors from YouTube to your product page. In comparison, posting a video to your product page leads visitors to the correct page right away without having to redirect.

2. How-To Video

How-to video content is very popular on YouTube. It’s a great video type to build your brand audience. Videos focus on, as the name applies, how to do something. These videos are not about product features but they instead share knowledge and value. The focus is not on sales but creating trust.

3. Thought Leadership

Like how-to videos, thought leadership videos help to improve brand value. The purpose is to share your expert knowledge in your field. Thought leadership videos are great for earning quality links.

4. News Story

A news story is basically a press release in video format. Video gets more attention and it’s more likely to get on news site columns. News stories are quite similar to thought leadership video with more focus on the topicality.


5. Creative Video

Creative videos are created to boost the viral effect and get maximum attention. Creative videos can be uploaded on various social platforms to encourage sharing.



6. Link Bait

Link bait videos are targeted to a niche and they are created to generate links. Video content offers great value for those who are interested in a particular topic and can earn natural links.



7. Hangout On-Air

Google+ enables video recording via Hangouts function. All you need is a microphone and a web camera (which is usually built in your laptop). Using web camera sets strong limitation on creativity but hey, you can still make a video. Best video formats for Hangout recording is thought leadership or Q&A type of videos.



8. Vine/Instagram Video

A great tool for creative solutions in zero budget. You can choose between different filters and add a perfect mood for the video. You need a smartphone with a decent camera and a bit of creative thinking to create something awesome.



Video Call-To-Action

To get the maximum effect on your video, add:

Social media follow: give viewers a reason to follow your YouTube account (e. g. weekly news stories or Q&A column).

Like/add to favouites/share: ask viewers to share and like your videos. Sometimes asking is all you need, so don’t be modest!

Comments: encourage viewers to comment and ask questions. Why not make a statement to cover most interesting questions in your upcoming video?

Graphical elements: add the company logo, elements and a website link to the video “end slate” to direct viewers to your homepage.

Need an example? This video uses CTAs very effectively. They encourage and give direct instructions. The feedback about this video has been amazing:




Video marketing is not rocket science. You can create a video with simple resources. Choose the video format you would like to create and have fun. All you need is a bit of creative thinking, some practicing, a place to shoot and you are ready to create a video to spice up your content!

For additional video marketing resources, download our video marketing guide!

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