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Email Marketing

Use your Customer Database to Grow your Business

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Throughout April and May this year, WSI conducted a free webinar series to share digital marketing tips, tricks, and best practices that you can use to overcome the marketing obstacles you are facing in today's business world. Here is a quick recap, plus the recording from our “Ahead of the Curve” webinar on learning the basics of managing your customer database to grow your business by Alison Lindemann from Los Angeles, USA.

Business Objectives During this Challenging Time

The objectives haven’t changed much since B.C. (before COVID-19) and now. You always want to:

  1. Keep existing customers
  2. Get more customers
  3. Develop operational efficiencies

The difference now is that the forced downtime gives you the chance to work on technologies that support all three objectives.

Critical Role of Communication Content

Because you cannot do as much face-to-face communication as you may like, you may have found yourself using email marketing more than ever. With the right software, or help from your local WSI Consultant, you can fine-tune your campaigns with segmentation, resending unopened mails, and so on.

Email marketing is still one of the highest converting strategies available, and the foundation of marketing automation.

What is a CRM and How Can it Help My Business?

A customer relationship management (CRM) system manages prospects and customer relationships, giving you a unified view of contact details, communication between you, where they are in the sales process, etc.

Because it is safely stored in the cloud:

  • There is no need to worry about the security of your remote workers.
  • Internal communication is better as everyone is on the same page because it is always up to date. 
  • Anyone can step in and take over a transaction because all the relevant data is available. Improved closing rates plus upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • Your operational efficiencies improve – leading to greater customer satisfaction and retention.

The Value of Marketing Automation

Working hand-in-hand with CRM is marketing automation software which automates marketing tasks that were previously handled manually.

By delivering just the right content at just the right time, marketing automation’s highly-targeted messaging nurtures leads and converts them to sales. Not only are your messages personalized and scheduled, but you can also experiment with A/B and multi-variant testing.

Additionally, lead scoring determines best high-quality leads for you to follow up on. This quantity and quality data helps you better predict future behavior which can help you to surpass your competition.

Where Do I Start?

Make use of the current quiet time to get ready for the next wave of business when we get back to normal. Start by:

  • Updating your existing customer contacts and think about how to segment them.
  • Reviewing your existing content.
  • Adjusting your communication to be appropriate and sensitive to the current situation.
  • Approaching your business and your marketing from a completely different perspective.

WSI – here to help in any way we can to keep your business moving forward

For more details on all of the above, watch the recording from our webinar, “Database Management: Learning the Basics of Managing Your Customer Database to Grow Your Business” (posted below).

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