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Our First Digital Summit is Set for Lisbon, Portugal (March 20th)

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Our First Digital Summit is Set for Lisbon, Portugal (March 20th)

As you might have already guessed, our team not only eats, sleeps and breathes digital marketing, but we’re pretty gung-ho about educating others on all things digital as well. Last year, it all started with the launch of our book “Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing.”  And not to toot our horn (too much), but this was a pretty great way to take the best practices of the digital industry and deliver that knowledge directly to any marketer's doorstep. So this year, we decided to up the ante and take this show on the road. Literally.

The Digital Summit is an intensely educational conference designed for business minds who are passionate about branding, marketing and all things digital. We’re set to schedule a Digital Summit in several major cities across the globe. And it just so happens that the first one is taking place tomorrow!

Digital Summit: Lisbon, Portugal (March 20th)

Our First Digital Summit is Set for Lisbon, Portugal (March 20th)

This one-day conference is facilitated for business professionals of all verticals by Sikander Jamal, Natalia Santos, and their outstanding team from WSI Portugal.

Tomorrow they’re joined by some of the most influential business professionals of the region including the Managing Director of Accenture, General Director of Microsoft Portugal, the Director of SAPO, and more!
The phenomenal lineup of presenters will also facilitate two speaker panels for discussions on the digital world’s economic impact, and how businesses of Portugal can effectively and innovatively leverage the digital opportunity.

Lastly, I am also happy to announce that the event has already hit the blogosphere and news channels in Portugal (I can’t read Portuguese, but I still happen to think it’s exciting!). To catch up on the latest, here are a few links below:

Our team’s very excited to be officially opening the doors to our first Digital Summit! More news on upcoming dates and cities to come very soon. Until then, you can read a little more on what the Digital Summit is all about at:

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