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[INFOGRAPHIC] Online Ads + Remarketing = Conversions Galore

| 4 Minutes to Read
WSI World Blog - [INFOGRAPHIC] Online Ads + Remarketing = Conversions Galore Image 2
Summary: Our newest digital marketing infographic outlines how remarketing campaigns can recapture the attention of consumers and help drive more sales using online ads and remarketing.

It's time to face facts: most of your website visitors will arrive, poke around a bit, only to leave and never return. Some of these people land on your site for the wrong reasons or by accident, so there's not much you can do. Others come because you have what they're looking for, but they decide they don't like your products, your site, your content, or something else. By tracking and measuring your site's performance, you should be able to win some of these customers back, but that's a story for another day. Let's assume your site is great and you aren't losing customers this way.

Bring customers back to your site with online ads

The vast majority of your site's users just aren't ready to purchase on the first visit (the research says so). Since people aren't going to hang out on your site for a few days while they come to a decision, they are going to leave. It's a shuddering thought...*shudders*. At first, the thought of getting a customer to return to your site after they leave seems like trying to catch the exact same fish after throwing it back in the ocean. But these days, it's not that daunting.

Here's how eye-catching online ads + the magic of remarketing = conversions galore:

WSI World Blog - [INFOGRAPHIC] Online Ads + Remarketing = Conversions Galore Image 1

Sticking with our fishing analogy for a minute, think about how different the idea of catching the same fish would be if you could somehow dangle that fish's favourite food right in front of them, wherever they were in the whole ocean. Yes, it's completely crazy. And yet that's exactly what remarketing is able to do with the fish of the Internet.

WSI World Blog - [INFOGRAPHIC] Online Ads + Remarketing = Conversions Galore Image 2

To give you a refresher or a crash course on remarketing, we're going to take you through the steps of a typical consumer (in this case, our purple-haired friend here). The first step occurs when all your awesome product marketing pays off and an online customer finds and visits your site to take a look at your products or services.

WSI World Blog - [INFOGRAPHIC] Online Ads + Remarketing = Conversions Galore Image 3


As is the case more often than not, our buddy decides not to make a purchase. So he leaves your website. If you're chalking this up to a missed conversion, don't write him off just yet!

WSI World Blog - [INFOGRAPHIC] Online Ads + Remarketing = Conversions Galore Image 4

Full disclosure: ninjas are awesome. So it's great news that the magic of remarking gives your ads ninja-like qualities that allow them to target our purple-haired friend after he's left your website. This keeps your brand - and the product or service he's thinking about buying - in his mind. That way, when he's ready to make a purchase, you'll be right there!

WSI World Blog - [INFOGRAPHIC] Online Ads + Remarketing = Conversions Galore Image 5

And finally, the goal we've been trying to achieve all along: our friend can't get your product or service out of his head, so he returns to your site and decides to buy. Awesome stuff! it should be noted that whether your customers return directly through your site or click on an ad, the remarketing campaign has done its job (just in different, equally effective ways).

WSI World Blog - [INFOGRAPHIC] Online Ads + Remarketing = Conversions Galore Image 6

Here we've collected a few interesting stats that support the use of remarketing campaigns as part of your digital strategy. Of particular interest is that 96% of people leave a website without buying anything, and 49% of people will visit 4 different niche websites before making a purchase. These facts suggest that it's a battle out there to recapture  the attention of your customers - so why not arm yourself using online ads and remarketing?

WSI World Blog - [INFOGRAPHIC] Online Ads + Remarketing = Conversions Galore Image 7

Before we sign off, we just wanted to let you in on all the various groups you can target with remarketing ads. These groups range from casting a wide net (so everybody) and get as granular as isolating people who have abandoned their carts. Remarketing is a really, really cool tactic with so much to offer - you should give a chance at some point!

WSI offers complete digital marketing services, including content marketing, SEO, and more. We can help you create effective PPC and online ad campaigns to boost your conversions. Contact us for more information.

Here's the whole package, in its full form, as well as the embed code:

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WSI World Blog - [INFOGRAPHIC] Online Ads + Remarketing = Conversions Galore Full Infographic

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