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5 Reasons Your Website Is Still Important - WSI DM Video Series

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With the growth and expansion of social media and third screen devices like smartphones and tablets, it's sometimes hard for businesses to stay on top of the many components of their digital identity. As a result of the constant effort to keep up with the latest trends and technologies, websites are often overlooked and neglected. Your business must not let that happen as your website is the living heart of your digital presence. Check out the latest entry in WSI's Digital Marketing Video Series to discover the 5 Reasons Your Website Is Still Important!

1. Maintaining Ownership

With so much activity and interaction with your business taking place in the digital world, it's absolutely vital that you maintain ownership of your brand by keeping your website healthy. A good, functioning website is the starting point of your digital reputation and allows you to manage all other avenues of your brand from one central location.

2. Your Content, Your Way

Every digital marketing activity revolves around the content you create, and that all starts with how you organize and maintain the content on your website. The better your content's quality and presentation, the better the experiences is for your readers and potential customers - which ultimately means the more often they'll convert!

3. Create A Content Hub

Your website (and hopefully the blog you maintain on your website) is the focal point for all of your content marketing efforts. Your content provides you with a medium to engage with your audience and show them the significant value that your relationship brings to them.

4. Attracting Search Traffic

On-page search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital roll in attracting valuable search engine traffic to your website. Not only is your website the destination for this additional traffic, it's also the area that needs to be maintained in order to successfully tap into the search engine traffic source.

5. Monitor, Tweak, Improve

Measurement is a huge aspect of monitoring, tweaking and improving your website so that it's always in peak form. Measuring conversion rates, monitoring backlinks and assessing visitor engagement wil go a long way in helping you maximize the return on investment you get from your website.

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