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5 Key Mobile Trends to Watch and Master

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Change is constant in the digital marketing world. Whether you work in the industry or are just trying to do better marketing for your business or company, staying updated with the digital space is a big task. As we've mentioned before, Google's algorithm changes almost daily, so it's not like you can stay digitally current with an hour of reading each month. You need to be plugged into the Internet every single day.

One of the reasons we came out with our Digital Marketing Video Series is to make it easier for you to keep pace with the ebbs and flows of the digital world. With the recent news that mobile Internet usage now exceeds desktop in the US, we thought it'd be a good time to pack some mobile marketing goodness into a little video package.

Here are 5 key mobile trends to keep your eye on:

1. A Multi-Channel Strategy

Customers now expect a certain level of quality and consistency when engaging with businesses in the digital space. Far too many brands forget the consistency part, but the fact is that customers are now accessing your website from their phones, laptops, tablets and who knows what else (watches? glasses?). Not only should businesses adopt responsive web design to generate a consistent digital presence, they should also develop strategies for each of these channels to enhance the overall customer experience.

2. More Visual Content

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but on a mobile device, it might even be worth more. People are surfing the Internet on small devices every day, which means they're doing it while they're on the move. Attention spans are shorter, so try to think of ways to demand attention with more compact, visual content. The more accessible and obvious your message is, the easier it'll be to digest and remember.

3. Mobile Video Is Huge

In keeping with the visual content them, video is one of the most accessible forms of content you can produce. As long as they are mobile optimized and engaging to your audience, videos can be a huge boost to your digital marketing efforts.

4. Mobile Social Media

When it comes to staying current, social media platforms are about as savvy as it gets in the digital world. Given that more than half the users of the top social networks are on mobile devices, you'd be wise to keeps this fact in mind when you develop and execute your social media strategies.

5. Location-Based Marketing

As the capabilities of location-based technologies get better, so too do the creative ways marketers are using them. Get in on the action by finding new ways to use location-based tools to your advantage. Things like improved ad messages and geo-targeted push notifications all you to target your ideal customers when they're in the perfect location.

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