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Concerned About the CCPA? Partner with WSI to Manage Your Digital Marketing Services in California

California has just recently started to enforce its new California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) in July 2020, raising concern among businesses that need to ensure that they are compliant with the restrictions around online customer data collection. Businesses that need to pay attention to being compliant are those that generate half their annual gross revenue from the sale of the personal information of consumers, or businesses that raise in excess of the annual gross revenue of $25 million (this applies to any business, not just those based in California). If you want to make sure that your business adheres to the guidelines of the legislation in the early days of implementation, let WSI assist you in managing your digital marketing services and formulating strategies that will not only keep your business compliant but also geared for marketing success.


Let Us Ensure Your Website Design is CCPA Compliant in California

A lot of businesses are reeling to get their website up to standard to avoid violating the new CCPA, and if you haven’t managed to get yours in order yet, we can help you achieve this. The CCPA gives customers the right to opt-out of their personal data being shared with businesses. If your website does not have a stipulated page to allow consumers to exercise this right, you could risk being issued a fine by the California Attorney General. Your Privacy Policy should also be updated to provide transparency to customers about your personal information collection practices and explain that they have a right to opt-out of their information being sold.

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Take Advantage of Generating Leads and Sales in California

Firstly, if you have a business in California, consider yourself lucky to be fishing in a big pond. Had California been a country, its $3.1 trillion economy could have ranked between countries like Germany and the United Kingdom. With a healthy economy and growing new ventures, WSI can help create strategies to ensure that you find those crucial leads and convert them into customers.


Be Confident with Your Social Media Marketing in California

Considering the CCPA, social media marketing might pose new challenges to businesses, as consumers have the option to no longer share their data with social media platforms or third parties. This, understandably, could affect targeted marketing and cause uncertainty for businesses when launching social media marketing campaigns in California. Our experts know how to launch and create effective results-driven campaigns while complying with the CCPA.

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Get Our Global Online Reputation Management Skills For Your Business in California

Managing your company’s online reputation could seem a stressful task, especially when you’re cautious about the implementation of new legislation. We have extensive experience in managing the online reputation of major global brands and understand how to engage with your customers and how to discreetly manage potential negative feedback.


WSI Creates Brand Awareness in California

Consumers are attracted to brands that engage with them and strive to stand for something. If your brand does not have a narrative to get that loyalty from leads, we can create strategies to elevate brand awareness to build your credibility.


Optimize Your Mobile Marketing in California

Just like your website, your mobile marketing needs to be updated to fall within the boundaries set by the CCPA. Besides this, if your website has not been optimized for mobile use it will encourage bounce rate – and no business wants that.


We Offer Expert SEO Services in California

Whether you would like us to tailor your content development or perform SEO audits to ensure that your business ranks on search engines, we can perform magic to do what is best for your business. We offer a wide variety of SEO services in California that also include social media and website optimization, as well as link building, to name but a few.

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Partner With WSI for Superior Content Marketing in California

We know what consumers have become desensitized to endless marketing, which is why we understand the value of content marketing. Should you simply not have the time to keep up with content generation to keep your audience engaged with valuable and helpful information, rest assured that we can take control of what might seem to be a time-consuming task.

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What We Do to Ensure Local Results in California

If you want to get your business CCPA compliant or feel uncertain, get in touch with WSI for guidance and assistance on your digital marketing services in California.

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