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Why African Agencies Should Partner with WSI for Enhanced Digital Marketing Success

If the goal is to grow your agency and improve the scope of the digital marketing services that it can offer, it may be time to consider collaborating with another company specializing in these services. Ultimately, outsourcing some of the work can afford you more time and resources to focus on finding new clients, upskilling your in-house team, and maximizing cash-flow.

Enter WSI. WSI is a world-renowned brand and a force to be reckoned with inside the online marketing realm. We are famous for assisting various agencies from around the globe, as well as in Africa, in making an impact on their clients and emerging as a dominating force and authority within the industry. We have many years of experience in helping agencies of various sizes to achieve their goals and can lend a hand in most aspects of online marketing, from lead generation to online reputation management and website development.


How WSI is Supporting Agencies in Africa

WSI is dedicated to providing agencies in Africa with a full-service solution when it comes to world-class digital marketing. Currently, our list of services includes: SEO Services, Leads and Sales, Brand Awareness, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, and Website Design.


Maximize Rankings With SEO Services in Africa

SEO is all about providing visitors to your website with the best user experience possible. There are a variety of factors that go into this. Ultimately, user experience is based on a lot more than simply boasting a beautiful website. It also needs to be easy to navigate, provide plenty of opportunities to explore quality content and make it simple for browsers to find what they are looking for.

Here at WSI, we focus our attention on several aspects of search engine optimization. For example:

  • website content publishing
  • integration with Google services
  • keyword relevance
  • link backs or backlinks
  • content update frequency
  • website user experience
  • social media interactions
  • technical crawl-ability

We are well-versed in both on-page and off-page SEO, therefore providing your clients with a sure-fire improvement in their organic website traffic and, hopefully, their online sales too.


We Strive to Maximize Leads and Sales in Africa

The main goal of any digital marketing strategy for every business, regardless of size or type, is to maximize leads and sales. That is why it is this precise ambition that drives the WSI team. We are dedicated to helping your agency’s clients to generate a greater number of business opportunities, all the while ensuring a marked improvement in that all-important bottom line.

We can achieve all this through various approaches to digital marketing, including pay per click advertising, bolstering online reputation management tactics, and spending time conducting strategic social media marketing through various online platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Get People Talking with Our Brand Awareness Services

Digital marketing can be leveraged to improve overall brand awareness. Essentially, ‘brand awareness’ refers to the sheer number of people (and potential customers, in particular) who are actively aware of your business and its offering. Ultimately, it is important to ensure enhanced brand awareness not only to improve sales but also to boost the chances of your brand remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to your competitors. Can you say for certain that your potential customers will remember your brand before they remember one of your competitors? If so, then you know that you are on the right track! If not, there is more work to be done – and WSI is here to assist with that.


Embracing the Power of Social Media Marketing for Improved Brand Loyalty

Social media marketing is about so much more than simply serving advertisements to followers. It is about connecting with your customers on a deeper, more personal level to drive an improvement in brand loyalty. It is, therefore, important that you strive to make your brand available to interact with your customers at any given time. If they give you a compliment based on your service delivery, respond promptly thanking them for their kindness. Similarly, if they message you directly complaining about a defective product or a rude employee, a timeous, polite response is expected, too.

Along with actively responding to your customers’ engagements, it is also up to you to elicit them in the first place. Play an active role in posting interesting and engaging content, start thoughtful conversations – simply be SOCIAL.

The reality is that all of this can prove extremely time-consuming. Hence the reason why your agency probably has countless requests from companies big and small to lend a hand. Allow WSI to take over on your behalf. Rest assured that we are equipped to provide a well-rounded service, paying close attention to:

  • improving brand awareness
  • enhancing traffic to their website
  • bettering Google rankings
  • increasing conversion rates
  • maximizing brand authority

Managing African Companies’ Online Reputation

Managing a brand’s online reputation works closely in line with the realm of social media marketing in general. However, it is a slightly split focus from the promotional aspect of this approach to digital marketing. It revolves around doing everything in your power to keep your customers and potential customers looking fondly upon your brand and favoring it over your competitors.

When it comes to online reputation management in Africa, not only is the tone and information included in responses to customers important, but the response must be sent through timeously too. That is why it pays to enlist the services of experts who know exactly how best to respond to all different types of customers. Enter WSI!


Mobile Marketing is Key in Africa

According to a Pew Research Centre Study, it is estimated that around 91% of South African all adults own mobile phones, with 51% of adults owning smartphones, specifically. While other African countries’ statistics are likely to be somewhat less staggering, the reality is that mobile phone usage is probably more widespread than most would originally anticipate. That means that when people in Africa are accessing the internet or scrolling through social media newsfeeds, they are highly likely to be using their mobiles as opposed to a laptop or a desktop computer.

This is the reason why effective and strategic mobile marketing is imperative for African businesses. It is also the reason why most African agencies are focusing so strongly upon this specific division of online marketing.


Content Marketing Services in Africa

Excellent content, particularly on your company website, takes center stage when it comes to delivering above-average user experience. It works in your favor in terms of impressing both your potential clients and the various search engines.

The WSI team specializes in creative content marketing in Africa, with a strong emphasis on the following:

  • Crafting high-quality content that is also relevant to the brand in question;
  • Structuring the content strategically and using a tone that each brand's specific customer base will relate to instantly;
  • Following SEO and content best practices (keeping sentences short and concise, and paragraphs no longer than five sentences each);
  • Conducting in-depth into the various topics and information that will interest a particular brand's target market.

Bespoke Website Design in Africa

A stunning, well-functioning website is at the heart of every brand and its digital marketing efforts. Here at WSI, we boast many years of experience in building and designing websites from scratch for a variety of businesses across a broad spectrum of industries.

we take the time to:

  • Optimize site navigation so that it is easy for visitors to find their way around;
  • Populate each web page with incredible graphics and imagery to grab the visitor’s attention without affecting loading speeds;
  • Upload quality content, both in text and video form;
  • Include powerful calls to action and eye-catching call to action buttons to help maximize click-through rate (CTR);
  • Follow the most recent SEO best practice guidelines as outlined by Google and other popular search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing;
  • Make sure that all company branding is consistent on every web page;
  • Program the website so that it can adapt to accommodate all devices, with a specific focus on mobile.

What You Need to Know About WSI in Africa

Despite being a global company, we pride ourselves on having a focus on local and equipping local agencies with all that they need to grow and evolve. We promise a tailored approach to outsourced digital marketing services and a team of experts that you can count on for effective communication and fast delivery according to deadlines.

WSI always takes the time to get to know your area and your existing client base. We then craft our strategies and approaches according to the local results that you want to achieve, and the types of clients that you hope to ‘hook’ going forward.

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