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How WSI Built an Award-Winning Client Solution in Brazil

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This year, WSI became the proud recipient of 10 awards at the WMA WebAwards, a prestigious annual website competition that has been setting the international standard of excellence for Internet marketing and website development since its inception.

One of WSI’s award-winning projects, the Amazon Rivers Platform was developed by WSI Innova for the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) in Brazil. The website won a Standard of Excellence recognition in the Environmental segment.

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WSI was approached by WWF in Brazil to build a new website for the Amazon Rivers project in the early part of February 2018. It was a pretty challenging task, the biggest obstacle being that it had to be completed in a short period i.e., 40 days! This was due to the fact that the client had difficulties with the previous agency that they had been working with and was, therefore, facing a close deadline. WSI’s mission was to develop the new web platform in less than two months.

Our team in Brazil, led by Bruno Moraes and Fernando Alves had to build a very detailed web development road map to be able to meet the tight schedule without compromising on WSI’s quality of work.

Focusing on user experience and following web design best practices like innovation and interactivity, our team was able to finish the job and at the same time meeting our client expectations. Both teams worked closely and collaboratively to launch the new website in the World Water Forum that took place in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital on March 20th, 2018.

WSI was a key player in designing our project plan just as we wanted. They made a super friendly and attractive platform in record time. The platform was launched at the last World Water Forum, and since then it has been a success”, said Alessandra Manzur, Conservation Analyst of WWF-Brazil’s Science Program.

Along with delivering on the client’s expectations, WSI was thrilled to have developed an award-winning website. It was the only project from Brazil recognized in the 2018 WMA WebAward, which made the team responsible for it truly proud.

We would like to share our joy of receiving this award with our staff, our clients, partners, and our friends. We are aware that this achievement is the result of a collective effort on everyone’s part and the desire to always deliver the best projects and digital solutions to our clients", said Bruno Moraes, Director, WSI Innova.

"This is a project that we are very proud to have been a part of. The reason being that not only was the final result so good but also because we contributed to the noble cause of environmental conservation. We’re thrilled that the jury of the WMA Awards evaluated our work and found us worthy of this recognition," commented Fernando Alves, Director, WSI Innova.

About the Amazon Rivers Platform

The Amazon Rivers Platform (Portal Rios da Amazônia) is a website focused on promoting data and analysis about the whole Amazon Basin and its freshwater systems. The platform brings relevant information about environmental issues and threats to the conservation of the most diverse and productive freshwater system on the planet.

WWF has been developing studies, analysis, and tools to design conservation scenarios and indicators in the perspective of the aquatic and terrestrial environments. Now through the Amazon Rivers Platform, users can access data and interactive maps of menaces and opportunities in the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest.

The new website developed by WSI brings information about the work of the WWF and their conservation work for the Amazon region and their priority areas, such as the Tapajós, Madeira and Marañon basins, as well as the ARPA and Boto projects.

The audience of the website comprises mainly scientists, specialists, conservation experts, professors and students involved with these topics.

"The WWF believes that knowledge can make huge changes in conservation and people's lives. The Amazon Rivers Platform is a step forward in the development and availability of knowledge, methodologies, and tools for the whole of society to support the Amazon development planning. Through this platform we gather hydrological, social and environmental information and data focused on providing content to support decision makers to make better decisions," says Alessandra Manzur, Conservation Analyst of WWF-Brazil’s Science Program.

The website is available in three languages (English, Portuguese, and Spanish).

WSI and WWF-Brazil

This was the second award WWF in Brazil has won with WSI in less than three months. In July, another digital solution developed for WWF, the We Are Amazon Project (Somos Amazônia), won WSI’s popular People’s Choice Awards.

WSI People’s Choice Awards recognizes excellence in the WSI network for the most outstanding digital marketing strategies delivered to the company’s clients over a period of 24 months.

The winning entries were judged on the challenges that the project brought, the innovativeness of the solution that the WSI team provided, and the final results of the strategy that WSI employed to assist the client in its marketing goals.

The We Are Amazon is a continuous online campaign for the WWF-Brazil Amazon Program. The primary goal was to develop a new website and turn it into a lead generation machine. A digital strategy was put together by WSI to get the most leads compared to the old site.

The result of a new site focused on User Experience and Conversion, backed by Google Adwords and Marketing Automation for Leads Nutrition was 1,025 leads just in the first month of the Project (four times more than the entire previous year).

WSI and WMA WebAwards

We invite you to watch our 2018 WMA WebAwards video or check out the blog WSI Corporate wrote highlighting our other award-winning entries.

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