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    Francois Muscat

    Francois Muscat

    Francois Muscat loves and lives Digital Marketing and Social Media. He has been a part of the WSI network for over 11 years and has an extensive speaking background, having talked all over the world including South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Dubai, France, Kenya, Nigeria, Mexico, Spain, UK & USA.

    As a Baby Boomer who is passionate about digital marketing, Francois has the unique ability to simplify Internet Marketing in a logical manner that anyone at any age can understand. He shows his audiences how to use Digital Marketing to improve their business, get new sales, develop online credibility and stay in touch with prospects and clients. He is internationally known as an expert in Internet Marketing and getting businesses found on Google. Francois speaks to sales executives, business owners, entrepreneur audiences –anyone looking to leverage digital marketing and social media to support their business objectives and ensure a competitive advantage.

    Francois speaks on a variety of topics, including helping businesses acquire more customers and more online visibility. If a sales team doesn’t like cold-calling, Francois will train them to use social media to get more sales. He speaks at conferences and provides training for B2B marketing and provides social media strategies. Francois diverse business experience & passion for everything online allows him to share real-life examples as he educates, motivates and entertains his audiences at industry events and conferences. Francois speaking style is very clear, knowledgeable and he’s willing to engage and help his audience. He educates his audience and offers new ideas and takeaways to implement in their own work, business and industry.

    In addition to speaking at events, he also offers Linkedin Training Workshops and Social Selling eLearning training. Francois is always on the forefront of new technologies and trends within the digital industry, you can count on him sharing his expertise and tips to help you succeed in your business.

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