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Nancee Johnson

WSI Digital Connections

Digital Marketing Strategist helping companies connect with the right audience

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Service Areas

  • Greater Seattle Area, WA
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Redmond, WA
  • Greater Portland Area, OR

Recent Engagements

  • Paid and Organic Search
  • Website Design & Conversion Optimization
  • Adaptive SEO
  • Content & Social Marketing


  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Sales & Lead Generation
  • Branding & Communications
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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We help people increase lead generation and sales for their businesses, manage their brand and reputation, and elevate their engagement with their clients online.

Nancee Johnson is a Digital marketing strategist, business consultant, and trusted advisor to business owners, CEOs and marketing executives of SMEs.
With over 20 years in the tech industry and 10 years in strategic planning, Nancee joined WSI as a digital marketing strategist and independent agency owner in 2020.
With her extensive background, she helps tech hardware, SaaS, and online service providers create amazing experiences for their clients.
She is passionate about showing business owners, CEOs, and marketing executives how to leverage the power of the internet, and helping businesses of all sizes make smart choices with their marketing budgets. She believes people need a clear understanding of how digital marketing is impacting them and that a business cannot run effectively without an effective digital strategy.
You can also find Nancee's podcast, Digital Connections, which brings resources and opportunities to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses or start a new adventure.

In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, Nancee is the strategic partner a team needs to stay in front of the trends.

Mike Chavez - Mike Chavez Painting, Owner.
“It's been really good working with WSI, very easy and professional. WSI has done a great job with my internet marketing."
Mike Chavez - Mike Chavez Painting, Owner.
Julio Cesar Vieira dos Santos - Clinica da Mama, Owner.
“During our partnership with WSI, we were shown promising new ways to market our company. Today we work with statistics and more accurate data and realize the digital space is an essential tool for Clinica da Mama to position itself in an increasingly competitive field."
Julio Cesar Vieira dos Santos - Clinica da Mama, Owner.
Mike Chavez - Up to 74% Increase in Organic Traffic and Inquiries
Mike ChavezHome Service

Up to 74% Increase in Organic Traffic and Inquiries

Mike Chavez Painting is a local business who was looking to improve its website design to better showcase their work and enhance their good reputation. Since partnering with WSI, they have launched a competitive SEO strategy and...

CLINICA DA MAMA - Increased Online Bookings By More Than 100%

Increased Online Bookings By More Than 100%

Due to an unoptimized and poorly maintained digital presence, Clinica da Mama was losing potential customers to less qualified breast clinics in the area. Partnering with WSI enabled them to "go digital" with their customer acquisition activities.

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