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    Chuck Bankoff

    Chuck Bankoff

    Chuck is an engaging speaker with a knack of making complex topics simple to understand…typically with equal parts passion and humor. Chuck brings with him an intimate knowledge of the digital marketing industry, and isn’t afraid to let his audience take a peek behind the curtain.

    His new favorite topic is exposing industry charlatans and scammers to show businesses how to separate the pros from the pretenders as he did in his eBook “The Digital Marketing Smell Test – How to Hire an Agency that Doesn’t Stink”.

    Chuck is an International speaker and author who has trained other Internet Consultants on five continents in a vast array of Digital Marketing concepts and techniques. He’s spoken in front of Law groups, the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), been a guest on radio shows, and has been interviewed in newspapers when news was actually made of paper. Chuck also co-authored the Canadian bestselling book “Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know about Digital Marketing.”

    His speaking topics are typically based on the “How and Why’ of things:

    • Search, Site & Social: How everything is interrelated, and what you need to do about it
    • How to Hire a Marketing Agency and avoid the Scammers, Pretenders & Charlatans
    • The Care and Feeding of Social Media & Reputation…and how it really works

    All of his presentations are customized to the goals of the audience, and feature actionable information that can apply immediately. Some Notes from Attendees:

    “Chuck, the training was absolutely fantastic. I’m revamping my entire sales cycle to take advantage of your simplified and more direct approach. Your real world experience has helped cut my learning curve dramatically. Thank you for taking time out of your own business to share your knowledge with the rest of us.” – Andrew Kohtz

    “The seminar was one of the best investments I could have made for my business. I have attended several motivational seminars but none addressed my direct business needs as yours did. I came with a list of questions and did not have to ask any because they were all answered in the first day presentation.” – Oswald Peters

    “At first I was skeptical about going to ‘another seminar’, but after taking your workshop I realized I received more than I expected. Your knowledgeable presentation kept us all focused on every topic you presented. Please let me know when you make your rounds with a follow-up.” – Ruben Ramirez

    “The over 70% increase on sales I made so far is a testimony to the fact that my trip half across the world to attend to your ambassador coaching seminar was worth every dollars I spent.” – Charles Okonkwor

    Chuck has been providing WSI digital marketing solutions since 1999. Located in Capistrano Beach in Southern California, he directs a team of creative and technical professionals to develop strategically designed websites, search engine traffic, and the social “footprint” to manage his client’s on-line brand.

    Request Chuck Bankoff to speak at a conference or event.