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    Eric Cook

    Eric Cook

    Eric Cook has been a part of the WSI network since 2007. He made the jump to a new career after spending 15 years in the banking industry. During his time as a banker he enjoyed working on strategic technology initiatives and thinking “outside of the box”. The ways consumers search, validate and select a service partner today has shifted. The power is now in the hands of the customer, not in your business and unless you understand what this means, you’re at risk of quickly becoming obsolete. Eric speaks about connecting the dots between “what’s possible” and “what makes good business sense” and has had the opportunity to speak across the country. With over 15 years of real-world business experience as a community banker, Eric’s approach is based on solid business strategy, and his speaking engagement-style challenges the audience to get comfortable with thinking outside the box, but with a bit of humor tossed in for good measure. Eric has been a National Speakers Association Member since 2011 and spends a bit of time “on the road” presenting at events in from coast to coast.

    Eric is committed to the “art” of public speaking. He speaks on a variety of topics, including online strategies ranging from Social Media, Digital Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation and Conversion, and Blogging.

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