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    Dennis Masella

    Dennis Masella

    After a 20 year career in the corporate world, working for start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies culminating in a position as a VP of Marketing for Gartner, the world’s largest IT advisory company, Dennis embarked upon a new path. 10 years ago he became an entrepreneur as a WSI Digital Marketing Consultant. As an Internet Consultant, Dennis advises and performs services for businesses, helping them achieve their goals and objectives through online solutions and digital marketing. 

    Speaking on a wide range of digital marketing topics and the future of the Internet, Dennis brings a unique perspective to his presentations. Having been a street performer as a juggler for a very short period of time in his youth, he enjoys continuing with this art in his free time. Over the years, he began to notice that much of what he learned while juggling could be applied to marketing. 

    Incorporating his vocation, marketing, with his avocation, juggling, Dennis has been able to create presentations that are informative yet entertaining. While providing highly valuable, actionable website insights, he makes himself available after presentations to teach the fundamentals of juggling if the event coordinators are interested in providing this for their attendees. Dennis speaks about making websites profitable, productive, and visible, taking them from being just a “web site” to a profitable center for e-business. He talks about Return on Investment and effective Search Engine Optimization strategies.

    Dennis has been invited to speak at national conferences as well at regional and local events. He enjoys presenting to business owners, marketing professionals, and all audiences that want to learn more about the Internet and how it can improve business success.

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