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Brenda Norkosky, BS, MBA

WSI Digital Marketing Consultant

With my strong background in marketing and operational leadership, I am driven to help businesses excel. I know how to grow your revenue through digital marketing savvy, and left my job in corporate America to do just that.

What attracted me to WSI is their conviction to do what is right by the client.
My expertise in business and analysis are second only to my commitment to our clients’ success.

At WSI, our processes begin with taking the time to ascertain each client’s needs, goals, and objectives to create and execute a client centric digital marketing plan. A whopping 80% of consumers do online research before committing to buy; we ensure that these consumers find you. With deliberate Internet activity, consumers will see you as the vibrant, current, ever-changing company they want to support.

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About WSI

WSI is an innovative digital marketing agency with offices in over 80 countries. We help entrepreneurs and business leaders unlock the full potential of their products and services cost-effectively, by leveraging the Internet and its many unrecognized opportunities.


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  • Health & Wellness
  • Real Estate
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"Dichtomatik, Americas"

-Dustin Cochart, Manager, Business Development

There really aren’t words that can describe how outstanding Brenda and WSI have performed for my company and me. Brenda and WSI first helped us in developing a robust website that best addressed our particular needs. Specifically, we were encountering problems attracting new customers and experiencing difficulties enhancing our brand equity in the digital world. With their expertise and passion, they helped design and create a website that improved our SEO, increased our brand awareness and allowed for users to find and contact us easier. As a result, since our new website launch in April we have seen an increase in multiple web analytic metrics in only two months; an increase of 164% in successful conversions from All Users and an increase of 238% in successful conversion in New Users compared to the same timeframe last year (2015). Also it is important to note that our conversion rates increased also; 2015 All Users Goal Conversion Rate: 0.15% and 2015 New Users Goal Conversion Rate: 0.40% while 2016 All Users Conversion Rate: 1.04% and 2016 New Users Goal Conversion Rate: 1.49%. These were the exact goals we as an organization wanted to accomplish and WSI helped us achieve it. Most importantly, we continue to work with Brenda and WSI on a weekly basis (sometimes daily) to continue to improve our digital footprint, increase conversions and enhance our ROI. I can seriously say with all honesty that I am thankful for their hard work, creativity and passion to help.

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